50 Shades of Hell (Part 2)

So this morning at 4am I put on my clothes (thank god for a little sanity) and marched down to the local bar. I insisted that the DJ turn down the music (“insisted” is a polite way of putting it) and he faffed around with his computer for a while, thinking I was a complete dumbass, so eventually I leaned over to the mixing desk and dropped the master volume. He stared at me as if I had just done a triple backflip with one leg. I swore a few times and left. As I exited the bar one of the drunk locals said “Hey Madam” and I replied with an almighty FO! to which he replied (in the local vernacular) “Dont sex here, go sex somewhere else, you’re shit”.
Elson, god bless his gorgeous heart, grabbed my hand and started to walk me back to our house when the music started again. I went to turn back to the bar but he did not let go of my hand and gently but firmly insisted we go home.
Back at the house Elson was worried about a backlash so we went to the police station and reported the bar. The law is that no bar can operate all night. Unfortunately, they probably bribed the local constabulary to turn a blind eye.
Moral of the story….If you are going to play loud music ALL NIGHT LONG, then make sure its good, or NOLA WILL GO NUTS.
I love Elson. He has my back.

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